Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Is Now th right time to Invest in Real Estate

Is now the right time to invest in Real Estate?

In the past, this question could be answered without hesitation. We were always told that Real Estate is a “safe” investment. What has happened in the past few years to cause hesitation? Fear is the predominating emotion guiding our decisions about anything that involves our money. How can we move past this Fear.

I have heard fear described as “false evidence appearing real”. This seems to be the case now. The market for real estate here in Moore County has never been better, after a brief “fear” spell in the latter part of 2008, we are up and running for 2009.

What has changed? First, I thank our local lending institutions for providing accurate information on types of loans available and what is necessary to qualify. Our local market does have money to lend through a variety of different loan packages, including VA, and USDA. It is time to visit a lender and find out what the truth is.
Mortgage rates continue to be at a 30 year low, it is time to take advantage of this extraordinary opportunity. As interest rates rise, and they will, home prices will also rise.

Moore County was not affected the same way areas such as Florida, California and Arizona. Our home prices have risen in proportion to normal inflation rates, the only variable was the rising cost of materials and fuel oil last year. Right now we are still in a “Buyer’s” market. This means there are more choices available in your price range and desired living area.

If you are preparing to sell your home, it is good to note that houses priced “right” sell fastest. It is always good to consider how long you are willing to wait for the price you want versus the “market value” of your home.

To insure the best possible outcome whether buying or selling, choose a qualified real estate professional. Market knowledge and reputation are important in choosing not only an agent, but the firm they are associated with.

Now is definitely the “right” time to invest in Real Estate, it has never been better, whether it is your first home, last home or investment property, do it Now!!!!

Invite us in we’ll bring results!

Christine Menear

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